Binnies Road, Ripley

Binnies Road is an impressive 1 hectare site located in the Ripley area. After an unsuccessful pitch to Ipswich City Council to develop a childcare centre by potential owners of the property, HPS was contacted by the real estate agent acting on their behalf for our expert property advisory and project conception advice.

With limited time under their due diligence clause remaining, HPS met with the potential owners to further understand their position and to share our initial thoughts on the potential of the site. Our team then went to work on identifying and qualifying multiple uses for the site that we felt could provide a strong return on capital.

Through our high-level site assessment, feasibility and budgeting approach, we recommended a three-staged superlot concept be further explored (approx. 2,000-2,500sqm each). For further investigation was the staging, timing and composition of the lots – standard residential, terrace housing and specialist disability accommodation were all to be considered.

Preliminary Concept Plans were prepared and a Development Pre-Lodgement meeting was held with Ipswich City Council within a fortnight of our involvement with the project. This critical step provided our team and client initial feedback from the LGA on the concept design, as well as a platform to discuss the process and potential risks in attaining development approval.

After a successful Pre-Lodgement meeting with the council, we were able to finalise our strategy of a four-stage mixed-use residential development. To do so we presented our final due diligence, project plan, consultant team and detailed feasibly so that our client could confidently settle on the property and move into our Development Management phase. 

HPS is pleased to now be preparing for lodgement of a combined Material Change of Use (MCU) Reconfiguring of Lot (ROL) application with Ipswich City Council for our clients.

Stage One – Specialist Disability Accommodation in the form of eight, two-bedroom High Physical Support Villas

Stage Two – Six residential allotments ranging from 237.9m2 – 387m2

Stage Three – 2400m2 superlot to be developed as either residential allotments or SDA depending on local SDA demand

Stage Four – Two residential allotments ranging from 269.m2 – 325.1m2

  • Property Advisory
  • Multi-Use Development Project Conception
  • Highest and Best Use
  • Project Feasibility and Due Diligence
  • Management of Development Approval Process
  • Development Management

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